How to buy £1 MegaBus tickets?

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Score Cheap Seats And Know How To Buy £1 Megabus Tickets!

Often the £1 bus tickets advertisements capture the attention of various people and it depends on their inquisitiveness whether they explore the cheaper options to travel more or simply have the laid back attitude to travel with highly expensive bus services. People often think how to buy £1 megabus tickets?

Now MegaBus is one of the most low-cost bus systems which serve almost the entire eastern half of the country including parts of California.

Dig into some hush-hush!

  • Megabus schedules vary by day as well as destination and they frequently change their roots based on the supply as well as demand don't forget to check their website for the most exclusive and latest information.
  • Houston to New Orleans as well as Washington DC to Boston are the most popular roots which are covered by the MegaBus amongst which Atlanta is one of the most popular and main hubs for the MegaBus service.
  • Ticket prices of the mega bus service often vary dramatically each day but here is the pro tip that Fridays are the most popular travel days so rather try to opt for travel on Saturdays which have lower prices.
  • Do not forget that MegaBus services do not provide printed tickets so show the e-ticket and that is the confirmation number which can be printed out or simply saved on the smartphone.
  • Look out for ODD travelling times because if travel times are flexible then that will help the passengers to save a bit of money. Moreover, keep checking their website and one is sure to get the £1 bus ticket.
  • Opt for the top seeds which are place near the front because there surcharges ranging from one pound to 5 pounds. Then again this varies with the route the bus is travelling so keep checking their website.

Still Worried About how to buy £1 megabus tickets?

Well, there is nothing to worry! Well, simply login to the any of the most popular websites which sell MegaBus tickets. A few websites like,, and others offer great pricing and follow them to get hold of the cheapest tickets on the MegaBus.

Pro tip: travel overnight in order to save the hotel charge!

Travel cheap and travel safe in that exactly how one can score some cheap travelling and spend the rest on the stay.

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